There are over 1 Billion searches conducted per day on Google. That’s a lot of traffic to miss out on or worse, hand off to your competitors.


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If you’re planning to have content on your site, don’t throw away the opportunity to optimize it and get your pages ranking high in the search engines.

Learn how the Panda, Penguin, and Exact Match Domain updates have changed the SEO landscape. Gain information on how your rankings can survive them and even thrive. You can get free, targeted traffic through the search engines.

Research has shown that 60% of the clicks go to the top 3 search engine results. Learn how to get the highest rankings possible so you gain the most free traffic.

The SEO Survival Guide covers:

  • An overview of SEO.
  • How the search engines determine where to rank your pages post-Panda and post-Penguin.
  • Tips you can implement for high rankings.
  • What the ultimate goal of the search engines is and how that can keep you from panic each time the search engines update.
  • Insights on how the Google Panda algorithm works.
  • 8 crucial elements necessary for Panda to classify your site as higher quality and receive higher rankings as a result.
  • Best link building tactics to avoid manual and automated linking penalties.
  • The best way to implement the strategies in the special report to gain higher rankings.

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"I just read the SEO Survival Guide, it makes an awful lot of sense in 2013, I'm hooked!" - Kenneth,

About the Guide:

The goal of this 47-page special report is to give you a broad picture of how the search engines (mainly Google) work. Learn how they incorporate on-site and off-site (known as link building) optimization factors into their algorithms. Uncover how to best incorporate these factors into your SEO plan to come out on top.


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