Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help rank your site higher in the search engine results pages. By optimizing your site for the search engines, you will receive free traffic.

SEO revolves around two major processes; on-site optimization and off-site optimization (or link building). On-site includes anything that you control on your site. Title tags, content, linking structure within your site and all other factors you control on your pages. Off-site is everything else. This means all the links to your site from other sites on the Internet. In theory, you can’t control off-site factors.

Between on-site and off-site optimization your site’s rankings are determined. Therefore, you need to have a solid understanding of these two processes in order to optimize your site.

We discuss both processes at an introductory level in this tutorial.

You’ll learn the details of keyword research first so you are sure to uncover which keywords and phrases to target on and off your site. From there, we cover the basics of on-site optimization and finally off-site optimization or link building.

Using both on-site and off-site factors you can rank your site as high as any other on the Internet.

Although often overlooked, you can get page one rankings for many sites by optimizing the pages on your site (the on-site factors) along with minimal link building as long as a strict blueprint is followed. By building your site properly, you will magnify the power of the incoming links to your site. Therefore, you’ll spend less time building links.

Here’s what the tutorial covers:

Just a note about the tutorial … it covers the basics. It’s created for someone new to SEO or someone who doesn’t have it all down yet. If you’re advanced, you actually have sites ranking high already, or you’ve already read tons on SEO, it’s probably not for you. I want to bring this up because I don’t like having my time wasted, and I’m sure you don’t as well. There are more SEO tutorials and tips on this site and a few of those are listed below:

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