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The SEO Workshop will give you an inside look into the world of SEO, a sneak peek at the InlineSEO Training course, and show you a few things you can apply immediately to start getting high rankings.

The Workshop will be conducted over emails and through training online. You will learn about keyword research, on-site optimization, and link building. You'll also learn more about the InlineSEO System, a full training course for getting high rankings.

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InlineSEO System: Complete SEO Training for Busy Entrepreneurs

A-to-Z SEO Course in Plain English.

If you struggle with SEO and want to learn how to get long-term traffic from the search engines, the InlineSEO System is the course you've been searching for. Put these powerful strategies to use immediately and start getting the high rankings you need to grow your business.



Important Facts About SEO

If you have an online business you probably already realize search engines can provide you with a lot of traffic.  According to a research study by Pew Internet, over 73% of people head straight for their favorite search engine to find what they need online. Google's search engine alone serves up over 1 billion searches per day.

There's no doubt that getting your site listed high in the search engines for relevant searches will bring you more targeted traffic. Traffic from search engines is some of the most responsive traffic there is. Even a small amount of traffic through search can result in substantially more qualified leads and customers for your business.


"More than half of all adults (59%) using the internet use a search engine on any given day." 

Simple 2-Step Process for SEO

Uncover the keywords your searchers use, incorporate them into your content, and within other key elements on your site.

Promote your web pages to other people with websites. When other sites link back to you it serves as a signal to search engines that your pages are popular and actually useful.


Search engine optimization at its core really isn't more complicated than this. 


We're not talking about gaming the system or loopholes. While loopholes will always exist, the search engines have large teams of people working hard to plug them.

Unless you're OK seeing your traffic go up and down. Or you like scrambling every time the search engines update their algorithms then loopholes and tricks are not for you.

Zigzag based on loopholes where the site owner had to scramble to get back to where they were.


Steady Growth

If you realize the way to grow your business is by building a solid foundation and steadily increasing from there, the simple 2-step process is the right approach to SEO.

The added bonus is not only will you be on the path to traffic from SEO, you'll get traffic from visitor referrals and direct traffic from the sites that link back to you.

Steady growth using search engine friendly methods of ranking.

Why the InlineSEO System?

Most business training is expensive and time consuming. When you're a busy entrepreneur you need to get moving fast.

  • You don’t have time to spend 5 days at a live seminar or 60+ hours watching videos.
  • You don’t want to spend $1,000 or more on business training only to have zero budget left to implement the strategies you’ve learned. 

Business Bolts focuses on getting you the information you need quickly and conveniently so you can move forward and start growing your business.

Founded by Lisa Parmley, the InlineSEO System is your source for reliable SEO information. Lisa has been using SEO to drive traffic to websites since 2001 (over 12 years). During that time, she's founded several successful companies that have grown with the help of targeted traffic from high search engine rankings.

The current version (v 3.0) of the InlineSEO System, released in December of 2013, is completely up-to-date and based on the most recent algorithms used by the search engines.


With its first release in 2009, over 1,100 individuals and corporations from over 50 different countries have enrolled in the InlineSEO System training.


The course has been used by people of all backgrounds including; Internet marketers, search engine optimization providers, individuals just getting started online, and 7-figure companies. Lisa and Business Bolts have been featured in the following online publications:

What Exactly Does the Course Cover?

The course consists of 4 modules that walk you through everything you need to get high rankings.
The emphasis is on keeping those high rankings for the long-term.

Module 1: Keyword Mapping

Keyword research is crucial to your success. People use keywords to find the information they're looking for when they search online. This module will show you how to use keyword lists to map out a complete site structure.

You'll gain access to keyword blueprints for "mapping out" ecommerce sites, sites offering products or services, large sites, and small sites with a few featured pages.



Here's a little more of what you'll learn inside Module 1:

  • Keyword research tips to get you going quickly and easily.

  • You only have so much time and money. Therefore it makes sense to analyze the keywords you're going to target before you take the effort. Learn how with the data driven model ...

  • Always target more than one keyword per page of your site. Learn how to plan this out so you maximize your traffic ...
  • Advanced content block and category planning tips keep your site on target. Create a themed organization that both your visitors and the search engines will respond to ...

  • How to select relevant content topics and incorporate keywords within them (instead of the other way around) ...

  • 4 detailed site blueprints to help you accelerate your own site planning and get this step done quickly.


Module 2: On Site Optimization

On Site Optimization covers everything you do on your web pages.This is where you'll build your highly optimized site. Discover exactly what to do to structure your site for maximum SEO pull and momentum.

Follow a live example showing you how to organize your content, how to set-up your internal links, and other on-site optimization factors.

Here's a little more of what you'll learn inside Module 2:

  • Domain name tips and strategies ...

  • Gain advice on how to structure your site including detailed URL labelling tips ...

  • Examples of good titles and headlines along with important elements to include within your web copy ...
  • Discover internal linking methods that work ...

  • Uncover 2 crucial elements you need to keep your visitors happy ...

  • Having a crawl able site is crucial. Learn how to make sure your site is crawl able for the search engines and accessible to visitors ...

Module 3: Content

Learn how to take your keyphrases and site structure and turn that into content your visitors will appreciate, share, and will encourage them to take action on your site.

When it comes to your content, it's really important not to have repetitive, shallow content.  This happens if you grab a list of 10 keyphrases you want high rankings for and you create a single piece of content on each one.  It's more effective to group similar phrases together and create one in-depth, comprehensive piece of content for all of them.  Focusing on quality and visitor experience is a far better strategy than on mass producing content.

Unique content is not always valuable content. The content on your site needs to go far beyond simply being unique for high rankings in 2014 and beyond.




Here's a little more of what you'll learn inside Module 3:

  • The factors used by search engines in order to figure out where to rank your web pages (they cannot read like you or I can) ...

  • Tips for including awkward phrases in your content to still make sure it sounds natural ...

  • Avoiding duplicate content, how to find it, and 4 ways to solve your duplicate content problems ...

  • Tips for determining your publishing schedule if you're staggering your content (or blogging) ...
  • How to handle non-text content like images, audio, video, and even web applications. This type of content can greatly enhance the value and usefulness of your site, but it still has to be optimized in order for you to see the most SEO impact. Learn how here ...

  • 3 crucial elements of your web site, with detailed tips on exactly what to include on your 'about us' page to help make it stand out and allow you to connect with your visitors.



Module 4: Off Site Optimization

Off Site Optimization covers all the promotional tactics you do outside your site, which mainly consists of building links.

The link building landscape has changed. It's very important you're following best practices when building links (or really take care when you're not).

Inside this module you'll learn the 3 categories of link building; real links, forced links, and hidden links. Discover the pros and cons for each and exactly how to set up your link building strategy to benefit you for the long term.

Here's a little more of what you'll learn inside Module 4:

  • Learn exactly what a real link is. Manufactured links and black hat link building are always targets for the next algorithm update. If you want to make sure your links continue to count and work toward bringing you high rankings, you want to focus on getting real links. Learn how here ...

  • 2-types of link triggers to enable auto-pilot link building ...

  • Jump ahead by uncovering the science of matching content to the exact webmasters who are most likely to link to your site ...

  • 10 additional tactics for instigating real links ...
  • Discover the art of getting links from noncommercial sites like hobby sites, clubs, libraries, and schools ...

  • Make connections to elicit real links from top sites that will bring you traffic and help propel your rankings.

  • Email templates so you know exactly what to say to get links ...

  • How social media and SEO work together to propel your rankings ...

The Packages

No matter where you're at in your business we want to help you reach your goals. Here are 3 plans you can choose along with the breakdown of exactly what you get with each:

Ultimate: $195



If you want to ramp up your SEO knowledge quickly get the InlineSEO System Ultimate Package. Gain access to the entire 248-page PDF training course plus the following extras:

Action Plans - 4 complete Action Plans so you know exactly how to implement what you've learned to get high rankings as quickly as possible.
Worksheets - 14 worksheets help you follow the process step-by-step.

You'll also gain access to the following collection of highly valuable SEO supplements. Each one is a course of its own:

SEO Experts Exchange - 15 SEO experts were grilled on various SEO practices and their answers were organized into this PDF report. This 61-page guide contains solid tips from experts working at major corporations and top SEO firms. Two founded their own companies and provide SEO consulting and services to online busineses.

Hidden Link Building + Hidden Link Building Action Plan - Uncover the secrets to hidden link building in this 58-page report + Action Plan.
Google & High Quality Content - Learn what Google considers high quality content with this 23-page analysis of Google insider material.
Hiring Writers - Gain tips on best practices for hiring writers within this 27-page guide based on tens of thousands of dollars of real world experience outsourcing content.
Overcoming Penguin & Manual Penalties for Links - This 23-page report covers a streamlined process for overcoming link penalties to make this task faster and easier.
1-Hour Authority Site Business Planning - Gain a quick-start plan for your website. This business plan focuses on 4 simple components that you'll walk through step-by-step in this 9-page guide.
Avoiding the Thin Affiliate Label - This 30-page PDF guide will give you ideas on increasing the value of any affiliate site.

Ultimate: $195


Premium: $95



Get up to speed quickly by purchasing the InlineSEO System Premium Package. Gain access to the entire 248-page PDF training course plus the following extras:

Action Plans - 4 complete Action Plans so you know exactly how to implement what you've learned to get high rankings as quickly as possible.
Worksheets - 14 worksheets help you follow the process step-by-step.


Basic: $45



If you want to get your hands on reliable SEO information without spending a ton of money, purchase the InlineSEO System without all the bells and whistles. The Basic Package includes the entire 248-page PDF training course. All four modules are included.


Choose a Plan - Get on the Path to More Traffic:

Basic for $45

  • InlineSEO System Training
  • Updates for 3 - months

Premium for $95

  • InlineSEO System Training
  • Updates for 3 - months
  • 4 - Action plans
  • 14 - Worksheets


Ultimate for $195

  • InlineSEO System Training
  • Updates for 3 - months
  • 4 - Action plans
  • 14 - Worksheets
  • Hidden Links + Action Plan
  • Hiring Writers
  • Overcoming Penguin
  • SEO Experts Exchange
  • Google & High Quality Content
  • 1-Hour Business Planning
  • Avoiding Thin Affiliate Label


Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn from this product?
You will learn how to gain high rankings in the search engines for your web pages. The goal is for these high rankings to translate into more traffic and more leads for your business. 

Who is the course for?

  • Bloggers
  • Small Businesses
  • Marketing Managers
  • Affiliate marketers, Adsense and CPA earners
  • Ecommerce site owners
  • Individuals tasked with SEO
  • Anyone with a website who needs more exposure

How is this product delivered?
You'll receive immediate access to the InlineSEO System training materials through email.

Do I need any prior experience?
You do not need any prior SEO experience to follow this course. Everything is fully explained for you and is set out in a step-by-step manner. You do need to be able to build a website, and can use any method including Wordpress or an HTML editor like Dreamweaver.

Lisa has been involved with SEO since 2001, so even if SEO isn't new to you, you will still learn many details and gain access to action steps used by many to get and keep high rankings.


What if I don't like this course?
We're confident you'll love this training as much as the previous 1,100 enrollees have. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the training, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Please let the team know within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.

How long will it take me to see results?
Everyone and every situation is different, but with effort on your part, it's possible to see your rankings and traffic increase in a couple of weeks by implementing a few of the tips in the course. 

Do I get one-on-one private coaching with purchase?
Purchase entitles you to the materials as outlined above. Lisa offers one-on-one coaching for an hourly rate in addition to the training course.

What happens when the 3-month update period is over?
The current version of the InlineSEO System is version 3. It was updated in December of 2013. If the course is updated your 3-month update period is over we can offer you the latest version of the course at a discounted rate.

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