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There are a growing number social media sites you can choose to promote your business from.  So does it really make sense to join another one?  When it comes to Google+, it probably does.

Google is the titan of online traffic with their search engine (which has 80 to 90% of the market share), their pay-per-click advertising platform (which brings in billions of dollars a year), and (the most visited video site across the globe).

It seems Google has to have their hands in every avenue of the online world and social media is no exception. They started their Google+ program in June of 2011 and it’s been growing at a pretty fast pace.  So it’s worth it for you to consider using for your business.

Here are the step-by-step Google Plus tutorials:

  1. Is Google + Right For Your Business?
  2. How to Create a Google Plus Profile
  3. How to Set Up Google Authorship
  4. Create a Google Plus Business Page

In addition to the traffic you can get from using Google+ as another social media platform, their search engine already incorporates elements of Google+ into their results.

For one, you can connect your Google+ profile with the content you create and post.

You can also get followers for your Google+ profile directly from the search engine results listings which can help you amass a pretty large following pretty quickly if you’ve already got high search engine rankings.  Like all the other social media platforms, you can send your followers updates on the new content you’ve created on your site, driving more traffic back to your webpages.

So it’s worth it. It may even be more worth it to jump on Google+ than most any other social media platform as we don’t know what Google has in store has in the future and they are already dominating online.

These tutorials will show you how to start a Google+ Profile (which is for you personally) along with a Google+ business page (you need the profile first in order to create a page).  You’ll also learn how to tie your profile to your content by using the Google Authorship markup code.


  1. Paul Warner says:

    These blog posts you are doing for us are invaluable in their content and their continual learning curve is, I am sure, leading to real eventual success for those of us who follow you. I hope, somewhat selfishly, that you don’t stop this because I realize that there is just so much to learn that it is nearly overwhelming, but I do believe in due time there just is no reason why you can’t make a lot of money on the Internet, and it’s not so much the money, but it is getting to the point of feeling safe and secure and taking the stress and worry out of our lives, with the bi product being the feeling of accomplishment in doing it this way. So personally I thank you for all your effort in our behalf.

  2. William Bell says:

    Thanks especially for this tutorial and all the rest. I have been a fan of your InLineSEO and continually try to use it in my personal sites and business. I get behind reading your content sometimes and have to do a blitz read catchup. In the future, I plan to stay current, so I don’t miss out on all the urgent action opportunities. But, I always find gems. You simplify and give the facts that offer sanity and solid business strategy amidst all the here-today-gone-tomorrow hype.

    • Admin says:

      Google doesn’t want you to create fake personas and may suspend or delete your account if you are caught so it’s up to you if you want to do that.

      You could create a real Google+ profile (personal) and I believe you can create as many Google+ pages (for different websites) as you wanted.

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