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Whether you’re running or starting a business it’s important to gain momentum and keep moving forward. That’s why checklists are the best way to help you tackle online business tasks quickly and easily.


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What’s Covered Inside?


All the important topics you need in order to start and grow your online business are included in this growing, FREE members-only area. Checklists cover the following topics:




Wouldn’t it be great if once you start your business, the world beat a path to your door (or website)? While every entrepreneur and business owner would love it if that’s how things work, it’s not a reality. You’ve got to get your brand out there and attract the right people to your website.


The Traffic Checklists focus on helping you do just that. The main focus is on getting targeted traffic because after all, if they aren’t the type of people who are truly interested in what you have to offer, they’re really just a number in your stats. So it’s very important to attract targeted traffic and loyal readers first.


These checklists cover traffic generation tactics like SEO, AdWords, and guest blogging. They’re quick and simple and will get you going in the right direction.




Having the right mindset is everything in business. When you’re first starting out you’re bound to hear negative comments from other people who wouldn’t dare dream as big as you are. You need a heavy dose of confidence to keep their words and your negative thoughts at bay.


Even after you’ve got a solid business foundation you need to keep pushing forward. Thoughts like ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I don’t deserve this’, and others might cloud your mind when it comes time to step outside your comfort zone.


The mindset checklists give you a simple framework to follow for many topics like staying motivated, finding a passion, and gaining the entrepreneur’s mindset. Get on the pathway to success!




Your website is at the center of building your business online. To put it plain and simple, you’ve got to have one! While there are many social media properties and blogging platforms out there, it’s best if you control your site. That means you need a domain name and hosting along with a website so visitors can see what you offer.


The Web checklists will help you navigate through all these details. Learn about starting a website; from navigating CPanel to setting your nameservers. You can also follow along with the WordPress installation checklist to get started with this popular content management system today. Or if you’d rather not touch a line of code, learn how to find a web designer quickly and easily.



Here’s a Sample of the Exact Checklists You’ll Get For Free:


Each checklist covers a specific topic, like on-site optimization or installing WordPress and walks you through the task from A to Z.


There are many more checklists available inside the member’s area. Just register and you can download, print, and save as many checklists as you’d like. Each one covers the topic in specific detail so you can start working on what’s most important to you and see results quickly.


Why Should I Sign Up?

If you’ve looked into any aspect of internet marketing, there are two words I know you’re painfully familiar with, ‘Information overload’.


There are hundreds if not thousands of courses you can choose from. These include video courses, coaching programs, and memberships. Each with hours and hours of content for you to go through.


You can learn about paid advertising from one expert and podcasting from another. Or content marketing (what is that exactly?). The choices are limitless.


But as a business owner you may not know what you need to do to increase your revenues. And if you’re just starting out it’s really difficult to know what the first step is.


That’s why we’ve created Business Bolts Free. This is a FREE membership area where you can pick a path and get very quick and easy to implement checklists. Each checklist breaks down a specific task for you.


Moving forward with your business is now as simple as marking off checkboxes.


Register above and get started today. It’s free!







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