Discover the ultimate short-cut to diversified traffic, organic links, and higher conversions ...


Here's how smart marketers are using content to grow traffic to their sites ...

They create content that serves a purpose and is actually useful to real readers (i.e. Magnetic Content).

They publish this Magnetic Content on their site and seek links from websites with actual traffic.

They're able to get these links pretty easily because it's obvious the content has real value to it. As a result, they wind up with direct traffic from the many different websites who link to them.

They have real visitors sharing their content (because it's so useful) resulting in even more traffic.

The search engines rank their sites higher (due to proper on-page optimization and the many links pointing back to their pages).

Their rankings are likely to last search engine updates because they don't manufacture links just to make it LOOK like their content is popular. Instead real sites link to their content because IT IS popular.

Plus there's a bonus ...

And that bonus is they see an increase in their conversions (meaning more people sign up to their newsletter, buy their products or services, or click on links that earn them money).

This is possible because they produce valuable content and give it away for free right on their site.

The result; people like them. And people are more likely to buy from and stay in touch with people they like.

For smart marketers content acts like a magnet and makes it easier to attract traffic.

While others fight an uphill battle that will ultimately come crashing down, these are the keys to leveraging content and the ultimate shortcut.

Introducing the Magnetic Content Series

Each report in the series walks you through the creation and promotion of a special type of Magnetic Content that executed right will increase your traffic.

Learn how to create content that works for you to bring in traffic and conversions.

List Article Creation  

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This training report will delve into the creation of 3 different types of list articles that will help you stand out and gain traffic.

If you've ever visited an online forum, you probably know what a sticky post is. It's a post that stays at the top of the forum. The forum owner usually puts a few of these at the top and does so because those posts have so much great content on the topic.

You want to create an article like this for your site. And the 3 list types covered in this report can help you accomplish this. These list articles can bring you authority status, links and traffic, along with visitor sharing.

Here's just a little of what's covered in the 52-page 'List Article Creation' training report:

  • How to come up with ideas for your list articles sure to attract visitors.
  • Features to include in your content so you're viewed as an authority.
  • Strategies to make writing a list article easier and tips for getting it done faster including details on outsourcing.
  • How to promote your list article complete with exactly what to say and who to ask.

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Tutorial Training  

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One of the best ways to create useful content is to put together a tutorial.

Help your visitors accomplish a task and they will want more information from you in the future (and be more likely to trust your offers).  Through tutorials you position yourself as an authority on the topic. And tutorials can be used in virtually any niche.

With a little promotion, tutorials can attract links from other sites who have the types of visitors you want. As a side effect, you'll start moving up in the search engines due to the links pointing back to your pages.

Ranking high for 'how to' keyphrases can bring you an absolute ton of traffic each and every month. I've had sites where I estimate 20,000 visitors a month were coming just from a handful of tutorials (under 10). And that's every month.

As you can see, learning how to create and promote tutorials is well worth the effort. 

This 46-page eBook, including 18 screenshots, walks you through the exact steps to creating Tutorials sure to get you links, traffic, and higher conversions. 

Inside this report you'll learn:

  • How to find the best topic ideas for your tutorials so you get the most traffic.
  • The 4 types of sites to promote your tutorials to, where to find them, and how to approach them for easy links.
  • The crucial components you must include so your tutorials become an incredibly valuable resource for your visitors which results in more benefits for your business.
  • Quick tips on how to get your tutorials ranking high for coveted 'how to' keyphrases.
  • How to outsource your tutorials quickly and easily. Learn exactly what to say in the project description to make sure it comes out perfect.

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Glossary Power  

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The first in the Magnetic Content series is "Glossary Power".

This eBook shows you how to create a glossary for your niche or topic.

Exactly why would you want to create a glossary?

Because it's a useful resource real people value and real web sites frequently link to. The type of sites that link to glossaries are authorities like libraries, schools, clubs & organizations, websites catering to industry experts and more (starting to sound interesting?).

Links from sites like these make all the difference when it comes to rankings in the search engines. And they count far more (and for far longer) than most any manufactured links you could ever get (whether paid or free).

This 52-page eBook, including 30+ screenshots, walks you through the exact steps to creating a valuable glossary in your market and quickly promoting it for the type of links search engines love.

Go from your idea to getting high powered links quickly by following this report.

Inside the report, you'll learn:

  • The 6 types of sites to promote your glossary to so you get great links back to your web page.
  • How to find and approach these types of sites for links.
  • Exactly which terms to include in your glossary to ensure it's a highly valuable resource for your visitors and encourages linking from other sites.
  • Real-world examples of what to do and what to avoid.
  • In depth answers to 9 different questions anticipating the pitfalls you may encounter while creating, publishing, and promoting your glossary.
  • How to outsource the writing of your definitions quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

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More Books in the Series will be Coming Soon


Frequently Asked Questions

If I create a piece of Magnetic Content will I have to do anything else?
Yes, you're going to have to promote it in order to see the best results. It's not a magic button. You could create the most amazing piece of content ever (like the key to solving world peace) and you're still going to have to get the word out about it. It doesn't magically appear in front of people. But we show you exactly how and where to promote it so people know to link to it.

Is this an SEO course?
No, these reports teach you how to create and promote a single type of Magnetic Content. We offer an SEO training course here.

Why are there only three reports?
Additional reports will be available for separate purchase soon. At this time you can only buy the 3 reports listed above. Any future reports will be a separate, additional purchase (although we may have bundle offers). But they are so inexpensive and valuable we're not sure what you're waiting for.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, if you're not satisfied with the information in the report, you can have a Money Back Guarantee within 30 days of your purchase.



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