The Mission.

Business Bolts exists to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketing professionals bolt ahead of the competition. The focus is on getting targeted traffic and increasing conversions through easy-to-follow, streamlined, 100% online training.

Our goal is to get you the information you need to grow your business quickly. We create shorter training programs and learning materials that are focused and action oriented.

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Contact Information.

For any website inquiries, help with a product, or questions or comments you may have, please use our email address at support @ businessbolts.com

You may also send correspondence to the following mailing address:

Business Bolts Media
13762 Colorado Blvd, #124
Thornton, Colorado 80602

Streamlined Training Programs.

If you’re interested in easy-to-follow, step-by-step training programs, enroll in Business Bolts Expert. Gain access to all the online training in one convenient membership for a low price.  Get started with Business Bolts Expert here.

A Note From the Founder.

I fully believe that your business success is determined by how much value you provide to others.  The more help you offer other people, the greater rewards you will receive.

When starting your business and even just analyzing it for growth, you need to ask yourself questions like these:

  • Who am I helping (or influencing)?
  • How many people do I help?
  • How much help do I provide to them?
  • How effective is the help I’m providing?

So that’s our challenge, to help as many people as possible realize the freedoms that come from owning their own business.  To create something from nothing. To fund your life’s ambitions. To break free from working for someone else (if you want that).  To help others by creating more jobs.

–Lisa Parmley



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